A Rant and A Rave

13 Apr

Nothing more. Nothing less. I’ve been here 8 months, I think I have the right, no? So because I like to always end on a positive note, the rant will come first:


I’m sick of being five hours ahead of everyone and I’m sick of not being able to call my friends and family on long walks to the tube or to work, hence always relying on my iPod to keep me entertained, which means I’m sick of having to charge it every. single. night. Annoying. I hate that in leaving work every day, the real work begins, as dodging and weaving through people on the sidewalks, trying to make it to the tube, is a full-time job in itself. Speaking of the tube, why must it always be delayed? You’d think that the biggest underground system in the world would have figured it out, but no. There is nary a day where the DLR doesn’t stop mid-track, thus prolonging the arduous journey to and from work. I miss driving. I hate that I can’t get in my car, roll the windows down and leisurely drive home every night.

I’m over how I have limited Internet every week (I only get 1500 megabytes a week, if I’ve never mentioned that). I just want to video chat my friends, or watch Glee, without agonizing if my Internet is going to run out. On that note, I’m sick of not being able to watch shows until the day after they air, as I have to wait for them to get posted online. Which means that there is a 99% chance that, unless I swear off Facebook or EW.com, I am going to find out who Brad gave the final rose to before I even get to watch it. Stellar.

I’m annoyed that restaurants here don’t believe in a salad as an entrée. In fact, pretty much any salad at a restaurant consists of lettuce, two tomatoes and, if you’re lucky, a few onion slices. I’m sorry, but why exactly hasn’t Panera opened here yet? There is a dire need for it. I’m tired of only getting a little basket to carry my food items in at the grocery store. I will never take a damn shopping cart and a big aisle at Publix for granted again. Additionally, I’m sick of how people look at me like I have seventeen heads if I wear a dress or shorts without tights. GET OVER IT, PEOPLE, IT’S JUST SKIN. There is like some unspoken rule that women must always wear tights or leggings, no matter what they are wearing. I’m over it. I like my Nike shorts sans leggings, so just deal with it.

I’m sick of missing out on all the news. You people forget to tell me about the latest news and it infuriates me, as we all know I love the gossip. I’m sick of missing out on the reunions and the visits and the dinners. I’m tired of being away from my family and more importantly, the single most important thing in my life: Molly. I am nothing without her.

Ok. Got that out of my system. It’s done and we shan’t speak of it again. Now for the good stuff. And Kenny, I don’t want to hear a word out of you.


I love that everyone in London is so friendly and helpful. I love that after work, the pubs and bars are full of people out on the streets or curbs drinking and laughing. I love that there are a million different areas to go out in, each offering a different kind of scene. Hey, it’s a big step up from the Greek-infested University Ave. in Gainesville. I love that I know my way around this city so well that I haven’t picked up a map in months. I love that I could sit and draw you the tube map from memory.

I love that people are so intrigued by my American accent and continually ask me where I’m from and why I’m here. And oddly enough, I love that when a bunch of us go out together, we get looks like ‘Who are these loud Americans?’ It just amuses me. I love that I go sit on the steps of St. Paul’s to eat my lunch and it’s no big deal. And I really love that the things at work that used to frustrate and confuse me are now second nature and done on auto-pilot.

I just love that I can go to Hyde Park after work, or lie around St. James park on the weekend. I love that on the bus home from work every day, I go over the Thames and see the Tower Bridge and it has never, not once, gotten old. I love that people stop to ask me directions on the street and I know which direction to point them in. Seriously, who would have thought? I love that I know how much a cab should cost to get from point A to point B and I really can’t believe that I could walk across this city and know exactly where I’m going.

I adore that I can go see shows after work like it’s no big deal. That I can just go see Keira Knightley on a Tuesday, like it’s the most ordinary thing in the world. I love that I am finally living in a city where all the concerts and major acts come to. I love that I have embraced and learned so much about British music and icons, so names like Cheryl Cole and Take That have some meaning to me now.

I love that, despite being so very far away, I get the most amazing emails and messages from all of you that have honestly made me miss you all so much that I know upon my return, I will never take being in the same place as you for granted.

So yeah. This is a turn from my usual blog post, but as I have eight months down and four to go, I felt it appropriate. More blogging to come soon. And because it’s the biggest thing on my mind at the moment:



2 Responses to “A Rant and A Rave”

  1. lblatt April 14, 2011 at 7:35 pm #

    i cried, sorry im not sorry. this was a great post

  2. CrazyUncleK April 21, 2011 at 8:14 pm #

    Well said. Now welcome to adulthood.

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