Things that don’t go together:

21 Feb
Vinegar and Oil. Polka dots and stripes. Hillary Grey and cockroaches. Lauren Profis and tuna fish. And lastly, class and a full-time job.  

Right, so let’s do some math: 6am wake up Mon-Fri+ gym 5 mornings a week + full-time job + class all day on Saturday from 9am-4pm = my life for the past month and a half. FUN, RIGHT?!

No. That was sarcasm.

Thankfully, the busy season of work is coming to a close and class is about to go on a very long hiatus so life can resume as before, where I had time to breathe, sleep, talk to all of you and update this blog. But since I have been MIA for about a month and a half, let me update all of you on some things that you have missed out on:

1. I went to Iceland. Reykjavik, to be exact. Do we need a lesson in pronouncing it? Alright, repeat after me: Ray. Ka. Vik. Again. Ray. Ka. Vik. Good. Anyway, although I’m fairly sure I may have permanently lost feeling in my left pinky toe due to the freezing temperatures, Reykjavik was honestly one of the prettiest places I have ever been. The weekend was filled with geysers, waterfalls, semi-failed attempts at viewing the Northern Lights, hot springs, gorgeous skies and honestly the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. If Iceland isn’t on your bucket list, put it there ASAP. It’s somewhere I would really love to go back to in my life. A few pictures are below, but head to Facebook for the complete set. Moving on. Also, the font is about to go funny. Sorry, I’m working on it.

Emily and I in front of the geyser

2. I turned 23. Which was weird. First, because now I feel old. DeenaPro, send me some wrinkle cream. Second, because I wasn’t at Lodge in 2122, where I spent my last two birthdays. However, despite all of this, it was actually a pretty good day. Sadly, Sarah Dunnicliff became the latest victim to fall prey to my mother’s scheming.  Apparently there was something about a package and getting stuck in customs and other mishaps, but all I know is that I walked to my desk in the afternoon and it looked like this (see below), as set up by Sarah.  DeenaPro, I don’t know how you get my friends to go along with things like this, but I think you have a gift. And Sarah, you are the best and our next trip to AH is on me.  Other goodies I received for my birthday – a massive box of Ben’s Cookies, a gorgeous new Dogeared necklace, a box of Velveeta, a Central Perk mug, a beautiful photo book, plus tons of other things that made my day really wonderful. Thank you so, so much to everyone for their gifts, emails, messages and wall posts on my birthday. It was so great hearing from you all of you and just made me miss you that much more. Ugh, now look what you’ve done. Pass me a freaking tissue.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3. I started watching Friends. I know, I know. Who am I, where did I come from, what is wrong with me. I get it. For some reason that is beyond me, I never hopped onboard the Friends train. Much to Elizabeth’s chagrin, as Friends is her all-time favorite show in the entire world. She has been plagued by nearly a decade of hearing me moan and groan and whine and complain every time she put Friends on. Flash forward to London and I have never seen a nation of people more obsessed with a television program. Seriously, any time, any day, any channel, Friends is playing. So I started mindlessly watching when I got home from work, and one thing turned to another and I was hooked. Enter Kenny, who so conveniently has all 10 seasons with him and has been so generous as to let me borrow them. Two months and 109 episodes later, I’m halfway through season five. Yippee! I am hooked, I am obsessed, I give Elizabeth permission to tar and feather me for being so ignorant for so long. Cue one Michelle Profis waving white flag in air. I will not rest until I finish i.e. Michelle in my LOST days (for those who were lucky enough to witness that phenomenon). And now please see my current favorite moment that I’ve seen thus far: 

4. I had my first spray tan. Yeah. Stop laughing, Jamie. Sam was kind enough to buy me one for Christmas. I think she tired of hearing me bitch and moan all the time and I really can’t say I blame her. So off to get spray tanned I went. It was…interesting. I think my skin got all of three shades darker, taking me from ghostly status to Michael Jackson status. Sam said she could see a difference, but mine eyes did not behold what hers did. Oh well. The way I see it,  I only have approximately two more months to endure looking like this and then once the summer trips begin, my skin color will be restored to its natural hue of dark black.

5. I hit the six month mark. Which means two things:
  1. I’m now that much closer to reuniting with the bajillion and a half people who I am miserable without.
  2. A massive blog post is coming this week about this milestone that I have reached. So stay tuned.

And with that, I’m done. Please stop hating me for leaving you for so long. It hurts me. Don’t you know how lost I am without you? Blog posts will be back to their regular occurrence, and now that work has calmed down, I will finally have a chance to respond to your emails and messages and video chat with you beautiful people more often. Capeesh?

Sending lots of love from across the pond.



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