Correction: Hillary and Lauren do London!

2 Jan

Hijacker alert: Hillary and Lauren here reporting live from Londontown. Eek!

So it’s great and all that Michelle lives here, but newsflash: London is the tourist capital of the world. So, as carefully selected guest bloggers (and current/former Weimer residents), we felt it necessary to give all you loyal readers (Hi new friend Sammy Lee!) the scoop from our weeklong holiday! Here are our tips for those of you planning to make your way across the pond.

Our first tip: fly Virgin Atlantic. Better yet, fly on Christmas. We arrived in London on Boxing Day: the British equivalent of Black Friday. Enter thousands of sale-driven shoppers swarming the charming Oxford Street, plus a blasted tube strike, plus two very jetlagged girls and one city-savvy Michelle. That first day is kind of a blur, but all you really need to know is that Michelle introduced us to our new favorite activity: drinking Strongbow at the pub.

Tip #2: GO. TO. HARRODS. Just do it. Between the puppy floor and the designer handbags, we were in heaven. As Lauren learned, don’t take pictures of Laduree macarons (shoutout Ilana Slott), or anything for that matter. They will make you delete the photos. What you can do is go to high tea in the lavish fourth floor dining room. We spent most of our day catching up over endless cups of English tea, buttery scones, finger sandwiches and way too much jam. Delicious.

Tip #3: See Billy Elliot. This was without a doubt one of the highlights of our trip.  The show is just a phenomenal combination of everything you want in a Broadway musical.  You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll wish you took ballet classes. (OK, maybe that’s just those of us who lack all hand-eye coordination).

Tip #4: Whoever said England has bad food clearly has not been to the right places. We found the best of London just by wandering the cobblestone streets of Soho, Covent Garden and Notting Hill. You can settle for the ever-present Pret or EAT shops if you wish, but we chose to experiment. From dinner at Wahaca to brunch at Electric Brasserie, we spent our days wining and dining. For more recommendations, just ask.

Tip #5: Do the touristy stuff. When Michelle is hard at work at Hogan Lovells (which we “did not” see), sneak off to the coolest, yet unfortunately most populated, parts of the city. Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace were part of the whole experience. We also left the city for a day to see Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford (hello, Hogwarts!). We were even able to fit Kate into our busy schedule for a quick lunch. Hopefully our wedding invitations won’t get lost in the mail.

Book a flight already! Seeing London from a local’s perspective really made our experience more than just a quick Euro getaway.  Even though Michelle cringed every time we dared to take a photo in a red phone booth or attempted to perfect our British accents, she glowed when showing us around her new home. This international hub is full of pleasant, stylish people ready to strike up conversation and help you with the Tube.

Goodbye, London. We leave with empty pockets and memories from a great reunion. Michelle, we miss you already.


Hillary and Lauren


2 Responses to “Correction: Hillary and Lauren do London!”

  1. Sam January 2, 2011 at 3:19 am #

    just cried. this is fabulous. cant wait to see pics!

  2. lblatt January 2, 2011 at 5:43 am #

    this made me smile. i love that hill and lg were guest bloggers 🙂 glad you all had such a GREAT time 🙂

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